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Ella’s Holiday Gift Guide!

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Ella here - it’s that time of year again! You know; my mom is dressing me up like crazy, the house smells like turkey and it’s way too cold for walkies. But it’s also time for some of my favorite things - Christmas cookies, an excuse to be super snuggly at all times, and best of all - presents!!

While we’re on the topic of presents, my Christmas list is pretty big this year, and I thought I’d share it with you all in case your looking for some awesome gifts for the fur kids in your life, or their dog-crazy humans! Gotta shop for my mama too, after all, right?

Anyway, here is my Holiday gift guide!

P.L.A.Y Pet - Pet Teepee and assorted toys

P.L.A.Y has adorable, trendy teepees and I am totally crazy about mine! It’s cozy and snuggly, perfect size for a Frenchie, and mom loves the fact that the Seacost matches our decor beautifully. Code: DONATELLA15

Frenchie Bulldog - Harnesses, Hoodies and Bandanas

Our all time favorite harness company, frenchie’s stylish designs, safety, and comfy fit are unmatched. Their winter line just dropped too , just in time for Christmas! My current fav: the BOUJEE! Code: Ella10

Momo Blvd - current trend fashion

our friends over at @momoblvd have some of the cutest clothes ever! They are perfect for a small sized Frenchie like me, and come in all sorts of adorable styles and prints! Code: Ella10

Pop Your Pup - custom pop art

My humom is OBSESSED with Pop Your Pup! They combine two of her favorite things - me and pop art, and she loves that you can customize anything to have your own pet on them! Best Christmas gift for a crazy Frenchie mom like her ever.

Trill Paws - personalized charm pet tags

I have the rose tag from Trill Paws and it is my fav. A perfect accessory for the stylish pup like myself! Code: DONATELLA

BARK - Toys

All of Bark’s toys make great gifts for a fun loving pup - my particular favorites? Mighty Mort the Space Squirrel and La Artista Squirrelista.

Canada Pooch - fashionable canine clothing

I am currently loving my parka and my denim vest from Canada Pooch - so perfect for this nasty cold winter. I have their parkas in each color!

French Bullevard - high quality jewelry for pups

I am in love with the designs from @frenchbullevard! Their jewelry is meant for Frenchies like me, and so beautifully done.

My Personal Favorite? The Mitsuami in all colors.

MiAMORE Pets high fashion

Their clothes look like they’re right off the runway and I am in love with their cable knit sweater in particular right now!

Code: ELLA15

Saint Rue (not pictured)

my mom and I are currently also obsessed with Saint Rue. So parisian and chich, anyone would be happy to have under the tree!

Zoo Snoods:

My ears get so cold in the winter that my Zoo Snoods come in quite handy! They are adorable (the unicorn is my fave!), cozy and quite perfect for snowy walks!

Griffins Haru (not pictured)

run by two of our favorite Insta-Frenchies @griffinfrenchie, Griffins Haru has adorable tops, toys and blankets. My all time fav from them: the Pinapple Sweater

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