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HI THERE and welcome to my website! I'm a tiny brindle French Bulldog who lives with her mom in NYC/NJ. 

 I'M JUST A REGULAR GIRL (total momma's one, too) who loves snackies, toys, new adventures and snuggles , but oh, yeah, I'm also a full time pup model! I'm named after Donatella Versace, after all. 

I MAY BE HALF THE SIZE of most frenchies, but what I have in personality makes up for my tiny stature. My mom loved that I was a girly girl from day one, so she started dressing me up when I was just a tiny pup and fashion has been a big part of my life since then. So as a city girl, traveler and now a fully grown supermodel, I always knew I was destined for great things. A little more about me - although I'm a total clown and I love to make people laugh, I'm probably one of the quietest, most calm Frenchies you'll ever meet. Ma calls me 'super zen' and I'd have to agree. However, one of my favorite things is meeting new people and going new places, and don't get me wrong, I will wiggle my booty off when I meet you!

DO I LOOK FAMILIAR? If I do, you may have seen me on Instagram under my handle @missdonatellathefrenchie. I've also been lucky enough to work with some amazing brands and be featured on ABC 7, BARK and many other platforms.


ANYWAY, thanks for checking me out! If you wanna know more about me, my fabulous lifestyle, or see what I'm wearing this week, keep scrolling or feel free to say hi! If you are looking to get in contact with me, please head on over to my contact page and drop an email to my mom-ager. 


everyone is always asking me questions here and on my IG, I thought we'd answer some of them here! At least the ones I get asked the most.

How old are you, and are you really "mini'? 

I AM 5 years old, and yes, I am super tiny for a frenchie! I only weigh 19 lbs, am about 14 in. tall.

Were you bred to be small?

NO, I WAS NOT bred to be a 'miniature' french bulldog, and truthfully, if a breeder is offering such a thing, chances are they're not full Frenchies! I am from European bloodlines and my (doggie) parents were just on the small side.

Do you have breathing issues?


I GOT VERY LUCKY, and fortunately breathe very well. I did not need to have stenotic nares surgery, and I am very, very active. My mom is extremely careful with me in the heat, though, and we recommend lots of cooling bandanas and definitely a cooling vest. 


MY MOMMA was never really into social media ironically, before me. When I was a puppy and she brought me home however, she started taking so many photos of me and spamming everyone with puppy photos. She also noticed that i had a tendency to really ham it up in front of the camera and didnt mind wearing clothes one bit, so she just figured it would be a fun way to be even closer with me and started my IG. Little did she know how big it would get!


I EAT HOMECOOKED meals, and Honest Kitchen mixes. 


YES! I sit quietly in my favorite stroller whenever she puts me in it. I do love people and places but I am not a barker or at all out of hand.

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