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Brand Spotlight: MODERNBEAST!

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Hi everybody!!

So today momma and I are going to kick off this stormy Wednesday with a lil fashion and fun and highlight one of my favorite brands, MODERNBEAST!

They are a fashion foward, contemporary US made lifestyle brand for pets with an amazing incentive - 100% of their profits go to their chosen animal welfare charities (such as NKLA, Best Friends Animal Society, etc!) . Not only do I love that, but they have some of the cutest accessories and toys ever (did I mention they’re also women owned and run?!).

They were kind enough to send me a sneak peak at their latest line, so check below if you want to see a few of their adorable new bandana/neckwear styles! You just know I’m going to be rocking the autumn flower prints all season long, and probably after too.

Ella’s mom here: the wool Carrot toy and the Camo Bone were the biggest hits with Ella I’ve seen in awhile. She went so crazy for them I actually had to take them away after an hour to give her a break. #EllaApproved 😂

My must-have piece from them right now (it is my birthday month, after all!) is the Pink Wool Crown. It was literally made for us pups, and makes me feel extra queen like. 😉

If you want to know more about MODERNBEAST, head over to their website ( or check them out on Insta @modernbeast, and I’ll see you on my next fashion adventure!

XOXO, Ella

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