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Travelling with your Pup -review: The PupSaver

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

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Hello everyone! Its Ella here, as usual, wishing you a weekend full of sparkle!

I'm going to start of this officially end-of-summer (can you tell I’m not thrilled - I’m sooooo gonna miss all the sunshine!) Tuesday by telling you all some BIG, exciting news that has to do with mom and I's review here! I am now officially a Brand Rep for one of my favorite brands ever, @thepupsaver - I have an active code (DONATELLA20) if you decide you need to pick up one of these babies for yourself!!!

So, since this is an 'honest' review, I'm going to explain exactly why we were so excited to work with this amazing company. Mom and I drive, like, A LOT. I go everywhere with her, and once Covid 19 is subsided (*insert fingers crossed emoji*), we plan to take even more trips and drives. So a few months ago, Momma and I were on one of our usual adventures when the driver in front of us stopped short on the highway. Mom keeps me safely on a tether, but even so, I got jolted which scared the crap out of both of us and further cemented Mom's need to find a safe, crash tested car seat for me.

Yup, she's done hours of research. Regardless, that hadn't come up with a lot since many of the car seats on the market are a bit...iffy. But thanks to our IG communtity, we'd heard amazing things about The PupSaver seats (they're rear facing and veterinarian reccomened) and how they had put a lot of our friend's minds at ease, so naturally mom was curious!

Fast foward to my Pup Saver arriving in the mail (hot pink leopard print, ofc!) and the first thing I did was roll right into it headfirst, make it extra comfy and sleep in it for half an hour.

Okay, so a few things about the seat on first impression:

------ their patented design is amazing. The sturdy foam is so firm and well cushioned, and the adjustable strap belt is not at all flimsy like so many others!

----- as I mentioned before, one of the Pupsaver's main attributes is that its rear-facing, it absorbs the shock and creates a barrier between us and the back of the front seats, floor or dashboard (hugely important issue for my mom!).

----- it goes in place almost exactly like a rear-facing child seat (Mom did always say I was her baby, haha!)

-------- It is so comfortable for me, and the perfect size for snuggling into. I sleep for hours in it every time we go out. It will be especially perfect for wintertime when its chilly and I get cold in the car.

———— the weight limit is 45 lbs, so it would really fit any small to medium sized pup, and since I’m 19lbs it definitely fits me with a little extra room to spare!

Next, we worked on getting it into the car and installed (Side note: Mom is terrible, and I mean terrible at building things or reading directions - so a MAJOR shoutout to their installation video and easy-to-follow instructions!). It was shockingly easy to lock in and get set up! A few buckles, belt clips and snaps later, it was good to go. Then, it was time for the real fun part - hop in and test it out! ( can you tell I LOVE to go for rides?! I jumped right in and made her so proud by settling immediately into my seat - she didn't even have to bring treats!) After she clipped me in and off we went, the seat was so cute and comfortable for me the whole time we were out (2+hours)! I stayed in there quite happily and chilled out while we drove.

[a little side note from mom: The Pupsaver Seat also has a matching front buckle harness, which is sold separately and is also terrific quality and fits on Ella beautifully. However, I was so happy to find out after speaking with them, that the seat is also compatible with Frenchie Bulldog harnesses, so Ella is safe even in her everyday gear!]

So all in all, mom and I are so, so impressed with my Pupsaver, and would highly recommend this amazing company to anyone looking for a safe travel option for their furbabies! Now I’m comfy, cozy and extra cute cause I’m traveling in style, and she can know that I am safely secured whenever we’re out and about. If you want to know more about The Pupsaver, you can visit them at @thepupsaver on IG or at their website and keep scrolling to see some more pictures of me in my seat!

thanks for reading, and I’ll see you all next week or on IG!!!


Ella 💋

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