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Brand Highlight: PupLid

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Happy Sunday, everypawdy!

Who thinks it’s time to highlight another one of our favorite brands?! I do! So today, we’re going to talk about PupLid, an awesome small pet business located in California who makes literal trucker style hats for us pups!

As a lot of you may know, my mom and I only highlight the brands we actually use and work with in everyday life. Some of you also may know that mom is also super protective of me, and worries (like most Frenchie mamas, am I right?!) constantly about keeping me safe and healthy, especially from the heat as us bulldogs don’t do well in the hot temperatures. So she is always on the hunt for innovative new products and ways to keep me cool. Keeping my big brown eyes protected from the sun has always also been a huge concern, and glasses don’t stay on me well when I’m moving. So she was so excited to find PupLid, that of course, we naturally wanted to do a piece on them!

PupLid’s hats have an adjustable strap design, so they go over my ears and under my chin to stay on (even when I shake my head, they stay!!!), and the visor is just the perfect size to cover my eyes but not annoy me.

Mama and I were not only super impressed with the design and quality, but with the precious pink color that matches... well, pretty much everything I own (like my pink Hawaiian Woof out West shirt in so many of my IG posts!), and the adorable decal on the front! Of course I chose the California and Surfer ones, cause what is better for a Cali loving, summer birthday girl than those, right?!

Anyway, if you’re looking for the perfect way to sheild your furbabies’ eyes from the sun, and still be super, duper fashionable, I definitely, 100% recommend PupLid! Plus, you won’t believe the amount of compliments and people asking your humans where you got your hat. 😉

If you want to find out more about PupLid, you can go to their website (, and keep reading for a little more information directly from the awesome owners and a couple more photos of me rocking my pink PupLid Hats, and I’ll see you on my next blog post or IG! Lots of love, Ella. 💕

“After seeing how much Buddy's hat helped him, my husband and I knew we wanted to make Buddy's hat into a product that could help every dog. I am a small animal veterinarian so, by nature, I want to help animals. As a veterinarian, I see a lot of dogs with eye issues that are either triggered or worsened by sun exposure. I also see lightly pigmented dogs (and cats) with sunburned heads and faces and sun-induced skin cancers. Knowing that so many of these eye and skin conditions could be prevented or at least minimized by avoiding sun exposure, I am passionate about our hats and the sun protection they provide to dogs (and cats). I am also grateful that PupLid allows me to meet so many amazing dogs and their humans through social media and, when the world is not so crazy, through local events!"
- Kathy Burnell, owner of PupLid

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