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Pet-Friendly Christmas Fun

Hi everyone! Ella here and today I'm bringing you some fun holiday ideas for you and your pup to do together!

It's almost Christmas, and that means you've got just 9 days left to shoot some fun Christmas content, bake pet friendly Christmas cookies or even just cozy up by the fire with your human and watch a movie (Christmas Vacation, anyone?). In case you didn't know, my human and I love coming up with adventures or activities that center around the holidays so read on below for some of our favorites!

No.1 Pet friendly Christmas Cookies

While I have a very sensitive stomach, mom cooks for me all the time and always feels bad that she can't share holiday food more with me (just remember; while most human foods are fine in small doses, things like dates, turkey skin, spices/cloves and candies - most candy has xylitol - are very toxic to us pups and should be avoided at all costs!) so we love these pet friendly cookie recipes from Pretty Fluffy! Snowflake Cookie Dog Treat Recipe | DIY Christmas Dog Treats (

No.2 Holiday themed photo shoots

This is our no 1 FAV thing to do in any season, but definitely for this time of year! Whether it's snowing or sparkly, or a pretty stoop or a christmas tree farm, you've got so many options and we love them all!

No.3 Santa Photos with your pup

No.4 Outdoor holiday markets/displays

This is one we didn't get to do this year, but it is such fun. Find a local (or not!) Christmas Market that is pet friendly and enjoy! a perfect place to wander and maybe find some extra gifts and even if not, definitely make some memories with your human.

No.5 Christmas Shopping

While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind, my human and I go shopping together all the time. If you have a pup who's well behaved and fits in a shopping cart or stroller, check and see if the stores you're heading to are dog friendly. Our favorites are Tjmaxx & HomeGoods.

No.6 Winter wonderland

While not all pups are snow lovers, if you have a white Christmas this year (or any time after), grab your heavy snow gear (we love Canada Pooch) and head out for some snowy fun. Personally, I'm not the biggest snow dog going, but since mom got me a snowsuit and boots my tolerance level for it has gone way up and I actually love playing ball in it.

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