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Oh MY Brand - custom Ella pjs!

Hi everyone. and happy Tuesdsay! It's Ella here, and today's topic is going to be one of my favorites - twinning with momma!

So today's #twinningtuesday is brought to you by.... these adorable PJs from Oh MY Brand! They are a Canadian pajama company who specializes in customizable flannel, fleece and cotton pj's for dog parents all over the world, and my momma was lucky enough to get a pair of them (in pink of course) with my face all over them! (Read on for a review of them)

As you know, there's nothing I love more than these two things - fashion, and my human mom Nicki. She and I are inseparable, truly, and she is always looking for clothing to match mine. We became familiar with Oh MY Brand though IG, and when they reached out to her to ask if she'd like to try a pair of their pj's with me on them, of course she was thrilled (seriously, custom ME pjs!) and instantly said yes (while she has many outfits much like myself, she has almost nothing with my actual face on it - soooo hard to find decent custom clothes)! Since my whole brand is everything "cute", with lots of bright colors (namely pink!), she chose the Women's Belax Chantilly Pink Flannel ones (she wears a size S).

It was such an easy process to order, and I just have to give an extra huge shoutout to OMB for how their graphic designers got my face literally perfect - so many companies almost make them like cartoonish caricatures, and they really did a beautiful job on the design! It looks so much like me! And it even has my pink bow.

As for the PJs themselves, they are the softest material ever and so well made. Mom was really impressed with the quality and how true to size they are! They will be perfect for the changing temps soon as we near fall, and I just know we'll be matching in them literally all the time come chilly season.

All in all, honest review - 10/10 stars: we love them! And P.S, you can use my code ella15 at checkout and get 15% off a pair of your own. OH! My Brand | Home (

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