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Brand Highlight: Bentley and Bowie

Hi everybody! Hope your Thursday is going as sparkling as mine, and if it's not, maybe I can add some to your day! ✨

Alright, so I want to kick off the start of the weekend by showing off another company I absolutely adore - the poppy and fun Bentley and Bowie!

You know how much I love bright colors, lots of leopard and rainbow prints, and staying on top of current fashion trends, so I am currently obsessing over their brand. While I have many clothes and outfits (probably should do a closet tour one day?!), I don't have as many matching accessories, so mama is always on the hunt for things that help to add a little extra something to my current outfits and dresses, like bandanas, or collars (every girl needs a little extra to show off their personality, right?!). And sometimes, mama and I twin in clothes also, so we need stuff that matches her wardrobe too. Together, we love finding brands (or sometimes they find us!) who truly stand by what they do, and make the cutest gear for fashionable pups like me. So of course, this awesome small business stands out as one of my all time favorites!

A little bit about Bentley and Bowie:

------- They are Atlanta based, and of their gear is handcrafted in the USA (all of their products are also inspired by Bentley, the namesake of the company and the owner Brooke's French Bulldog, so it's extra awesome for Frenchie lovers!).

------- It is perfect sizing for a small but solid Frenchie like me - usually, the problem we run into is that a lot of the cutesy, kind of more colorful stuff is too small for me, especially around the neck area! Their bandanas fit me perfectly without being at all annoyingly tight (I tend to pull them off if they are) or itchy material!'

------- Everything from them is so colorful! My particular favorite is the the Rainbow Pride collection! It is so much fun, and looks perfect on me! Mutlicolored or pink leopard print is one of my favorite prints too (scroll to see me really feeling wild in it, haha!).

If you want to know more about Bentley and Bowie Co, read below for a bit from the owner herself, and you can also find them at or on IG @bentleyandbowieco!

''Bentley + Bowie was started in 2019 in Atlanta Georgia by me and my frenchie Bentley! With the desire to provide enthusiastic dog moms like myself with various bright and thoughtfully designed options for my frenchie that would reflect my personality and Bentley’s!  Our brand focuses on providing matching collections of collars, harnesses, leashes, and bandanas for every mood or occasion! We love to “spread pawsitivity”! The products are designed and produced here in the USA and our production  team is 100% female! '' - Brooke Moore, owner


Thank you for reading, and I'll see you on my next post or on Insta!


Ella 💋

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